AvTalk Episode 22: AvTalk Revisited: Selected Interviews from 2017

Happy new year from AvTalk! We’ll be back in 2 weeks with our first new episode of the year. In this episode, we revisit three interviews from our earlier episodes that really stood out to us.

225,000 pounds of ketchup

First up is Andrew Poure, who filled us in on the world of cargo airlines and how getting things from A to B is not as simple as it seems.

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The future of Chinese aviation

Just after the first flight of the COMAC C919 in May, we sat down with Jon Ostrower, CNN’s aviation editor to learn more about where the C919 fits into the airliner landscape and how the Chinese aviation market is reshaping the industry.

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Low-cost, long-haul

Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren has covered some amazing aviation stories over the years, from the final flight of the last passenger DC-10 to the first flight of the A350, Jeremy has been all over the world capturing the world of flight. But one story he wasn’t sure he wanted to cover was 9 hours in a Norwegian 737 MAX on delivery from Seattle to Oslo. But Jeremy did go, and we had him on to discuss that trip and to talk about the proliferation of long-haul, low-cost carriers around the world.

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