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Delta Charter Flight Experiences Likely Bird Strike

A Delta charter flight carrying the US basketball team Oklahoma City Thunder from Minneapolis to Chicago suffered significant damage to its radome on descent to Chicago’s Midway Airport. According to airline, the aircraft likely experienced a bird strike. (more…)

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AvTalk Episode 17: The C Series Double Take

On this episode of AvTalk, we sit down with Jon Ostrower, CNN’s aviation editor, for an extended conversation about the recent Airbus and Bombardier C Series news. Jason makes a quick trip to France for the A330neo’s first flight, we go around for one last pass at Air Berlin, and we run through some news you may have missed in the past few weeks.

The Airbus A330neo first flight

Jason made the trip to Toulouse for the A330neo’s first flight. We talk about what’s new on the neo and one of its defining features.

A final go around at Air Berlin

Listen at 6:07

Air Berlin’s final long-haul flight featured a low pass and go around by the pilots in Düsseldorf, which has caused quite a stir. We discuss the flight and preview Air Berlin’s final flight on 27 October.

Airbus + C Series

Listen at 10:31

We sit down for an extended conversation with Jon Ostrower, CNN’s aviation editor, about the joint future of Airbus and the Bombardier C Series. How’d we get here, what does it mean for Airbus and the C Series, and what does it mean for the competitive landscape?

Aviation news round-up

Listen at 42:48

Southwest announces their finally headed to Hawaii, Alaska Airlines retires its last Combi, an Air Canada flight makes news in San Francisco again, and United brings its 747 Friend Ship to say goodbye to employees.

225,000 pounds of ketchup and other stories from the cargo world

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Captain Ken Hoke will join us to talk about go arounds and how they help enhance flight safety. Hoke, who runs the AeroSavvy blog, recently published a guest post with some fantastic in-depth information on go arounds on the Flightradar24 blog. We’ll have him on the podcast to discuss his piece and dig a little deeper.

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Alaska Airlines Retires the 737 Combi

Long a unique feature of American aviation, Alaska Airlines is retiring its last combination—‘Combi’—737 today. Alaska inaugurated 737 combi service in 1981 with 737-200s and phased in -400s in 2007. It is the last of the -400s which will leave the fleet today. Cargo previously flown on the combis will now travel on a fleet of recently converted 737-700 freighters. (more…)

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AvTalk Episode 16: Uncontained Failure

On this episode of AvTalk, Jason finally gets to fly the Bombardier C Series, we say goodbye to Monarch Airlines, get an update on the Air France A380 that suffered an engine failure over Greenland, and find out how Loon balloons might soon be helping the people of Puerto Rico recover from Hurricane Maria. (more…)

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New Flightradar24 ADS-B Receivers Activated in September 2017

In September we activated over 100 new receivers, which helped us track 5.1 million flights. September was our fourth month this year with over 5 million flights tracked. In contrast, in 2016, we tracked over 5 million flights during just two months. (more…)

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Monarch Airlines Ceases Operations

Monarch Airlines has announced that is ceasing operations and entering administration with immediate effect. The airline’s demise leaves 110,000 customers outside of the UK and all future bookings are canceled affecting 300,000 bookings. The UK government has asked the Civil Aviation Authority to charter over 30 aircraft to help repatriate customers who have been left outside the UK. (more…)