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Important Information for Software Feeders

We rely on our software feeders as an integral part of our worldwide network of ADS-B receivers, so we’re happy to announce new versions of our feeder software are now available. These new updates significantly improve the quality of the data being fed to Flightradar24. Click the relevant link below to update your feeder software today. Thank you for feeding data to Flightradar24 and happy tracking! (more…)

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New Flightradar24 Receivers for the First Two Weeks of September

In the first two weeks of September we’ve expanded our coverage in a few important areas and increased MLAT coverage in others. We activated new receivers in Nigeria, Mozambique, Marshall Islands, Guadeloupe, and multiple receivers in Indonesia. We also activated new receivers around the United States increasing our coverage there. We also increased our MLAT coverage in India and Japan.

Also of note is our new receiver in Courchevel, France, one of the most challenging airports to fly to in the world. (more…)

post image Photos Now Live on Flightradar24

We’re happy to announce that photos are now live on Flightradar24. When clicking on a flight, users will now see photos from alongside the flight information. Our acquisition of and its catalog of nearly 3 million photos will allow us to display many more photos than we were previously able. (more…)

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New Flightradar24 Receivers Activated in August

August was a month of extreme latitudes and locations for our new receivers. In the first half of the month we went north as we added new receivers in northern Canada, Greenland, Norway, and Russia. In the latter half of the month, we moved south to South America. During August we activated 11 new receivers in Argentina alone, including one in Ushuaia, the world’s southernmost city. (more…)

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